04 April 2019

FCA Heritage sponsors the second edition of Archivissima


  • FCA Heritage and the Italian national archives festival share the same aims of promoting and showcasing the historic legacy.
  • It is only a few days since the official opening of the Heritage Hub, the new home of the FCA department founded in 2015 to safeguard and promote the historic legacy of the Group's Italian brands.
  • At 7 pm on 12 April, the Heritage HUB will be opened to the public for the first time, hosting an evening with top contemporary art curator LucaBeatrice.
  • Booking required, by 12 noon on 11 April, via email to: prenotazioni@archivissima.it.
  • To coincide with Archivissima, a special exhibition will be mounted at the Polo del '900 in Turin, displaying the work "Allegoria Fiat" (1935) by Felice Casorati from the Centro Storico Fiat.


From 12 to 15 April, Turin will be the venue for the second edition of Archivissima, the Italian festival of archives, whose main aim is to raise public awareness of archives' history by encouraging sharing and participation, with a rich schedule of events held in the city's cultural institutions and hosted on the premises of its historic firms.
FCA Heritage is sponsoring the event for the second consecutive year, since it shares its aim of enhancing and promoting historic heritage, a mission central to the department that protects the history of the Group's Italian brands. To coincide with the major Turin festival, for the first time FCA Heritage will be welcoming the public to the Heritage HUB, its new multipurpose headquarters in the Mirafiori industrial district. Here, during the fourth edition of La notte degli archivi ["Archives Night"], starting at 7 pm on 12 April the Hub will stage an evening with Luca Beatrice, one of Italy's best known contemporary art curators.
Those wishing to attend the event must register, by 12 noon on 11 April at the latest, by sending an email stating the full names of all those intending to take part to prenotazioni@archivissima.it Places are limited and there will be to admission without advance booking.
Anyone wishing to extend their knowledge of the company, founded in 1899, will be able to visit the Centro Storico Fiat - in the elegant Art Nouveau building at via Chiabrera, 20 in Turin - from 10 am to 7 pm on Sunday 14 April to view a rich collection of cars, memorabilia, models and advertising posters, as well as a wealth of documentation telling the story of Italy's greatest automotive firm: over 5,000 metres of paper records; 300,000 technical drawings; 18,000 posters; 1,300 mock-ups; 5,000 motoring and industrial history books and magazines; 6 million images; and 200 hours of historic films. The Centro Storico Fiat has also provided the work "Allegoria Fiat" ( 1935) by Felice Casorati, which will be on display from 12 to 15 April at the Polo del '900 in Turin, in the exhibition curated by the Archivissima organisers.


FCA Heritage and its new home: the impressive Heritage Hub

Founded in 2015, the FCA Heritage department has the mission of safeguarding, promoting and showcasing the historic legacy of the FCA Italian brands. And just a few days ago it inaugurated the Heritage Hub, its new multipurpose headquarters in the former Officina 81 on via Plava, in the Mirafiori industrial complex, a historic mechanical plant and an Italian hotspot for inventiveness and engineering now generating new energies. The original building has undergone meticulous restoration which respects its industrial nature, conserving the historic colours, the concrete flooring and the grid of metal pillars. If you look upwards, you can watch a suspended exhibition on the history of Mirafiori: a journey through photos and text which intuitively and immersively tells the fascinating story of this site's most important events eighty years after its inauguration. The HUB also contains all FCA Heritage's services and products, and the exclusive display space for the "Reloaded by Creators" project, which certifies and restores all the original beauty of vintage models, and offers them for sale.
However, the most important surprise is the superlative display of cars: the Heritage Hub's 15,000 m2 of floor area house more than 250 cars, true gems from the FCA Heritage collection, creating a thrilling location with unique educational potentials. The central area features eight thematic exhibitions, each of which highlights eight cars from different eras and brands: the oldest dating back to 1908, and the most modern to 2008. A century of history told in 64 cars, apparently distant from one another in kind, age and brand, but each effectively embodying the theme of its area, following an innovative exhibition criterion.
More information about the HUB is available on the FCA Heritage portal.


Centro Storico Fiat

The building in which the Centro Storico Fiat is located was built in 1907 and was the first extension of the original workshop situated in Corso Dante where Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino (FIAT) was established. Since 1963 it has hosted a permanent exhibition illustrating the birth and technological, social and economic development of Fiat. In 2011 the exhibition area was expanded for celebrations organised for the 150th anniversary of Italy's unification and it currently spans over 3,000 square metres.
Its major attractions include the first aircraft engine from 1908, military and agricultural products, a Littorina motor coach used on Italian railways in the Thirties, large marine engines and also bicycles and household appliances, which signalled Italy's emergence as a consumer society after World War II. Of course, cars are the stars of the show: historic models that trace more than a century of industrial innovation and still express the beauty of modernity even today.
The reconstructions of the shop floors of Fiat's most symbolic plants illustrate the evolution of manufacturing methods, from the humble hand-crafted beginnings in the first workshop in Corso Dante to the Mirafiori assembly line of the 1950s and the office of Dante Giacosa, the engineer who designed the Topolino, the 600 and the 500, vehicles that brought mass car ownership to Italy.


Turin, 4 April 2019



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